Knowing all the Angles

With 5 ladders and an afternoon of work, the entire ceiling became paneled last week. Installing it was so much fun! We were close to finishing when we realized we did not cut a hole for one of the can lights….but the result was not too much of a setback. Finishing off the ceiling at … More Knowing all the Angles

Slow and Steady

Building a tiny house takes patience. I feel like we have been working on the exterior siding for many weeks now. We have successfully completed three sides but we still have a little less than half of the siding to complete on the last side. I can only imagine how long it would take to … More Slow and Steady

Broken Air Compressor

Last Tuesday was a rough day for our group. Right when we got to class, the interior paneling was delivered so we were all pretty excited to start finishing the inside. After about 15 minutes of everyone working to get everything set up, we realized the compressor wasn’t building up air pressure. Once we took the … More Broken Air Compressor

Plenty of Pine Paneling

This week, we received the interior paneling. We went with a pine wood, in order to give the home a natural and homey look. The installation of this tongue-and-groove paneling has gone smoothly so far, as we completed about one-third of it in just a few hours!

Interior Paneling

The wood for the interior panels is here! We unloaded it on Tuesday and we will hopefully be able to start installing it once we complete the exterior siding. The wood is white pine and it is tongue and groove installation.

The little things

They say good things come when you least expect it. Today, we came prepared, ready, and excited to finish up roofing and exterior siding. We were truly only a few pieces away from finishing the exterior. However, we came across a little hiccup as we were setting up the air compressor. We turned it on … More The little things

Colors – Inside & Out

Now that the roof has been finished, we are going to keep working on putting up the siding. I was wondering to myself, how do people determine which color they want to paint their house? Does it even matter? I decided to do a little research on this topic even though our paint scheme has … More Colors – Inside & Out