Lowe’s Gift Wrap

Today we added our water resistant barrier (WRB) to the tiny house.  WRBs with a score of 5 perms (short for permeance) are required by code.  The plastic barrier we used scores anywhere between 5-50 and will prevent water entering the house, but will allow water to exit the house.  This feature will help prevent water damage … More Lowe’s Gift Wrap

How Far We’ve Come

We started this project back in January, and look how far we’ve come in only a few months. We recently started on the roof and built a makeshift ramp for easy access to the house. These pictures show our progress.

Ramping Up Construction

Last week during our class time, we tried our hands at designing a tiny house by laying out all the interior elements. This week, we put those drawings to the test by taping out our floor plans. While the tightness of the space didn’t come as too much of a surprise, it was a great … More Ramping Up Construction

School Bus Conversions

  I have always wanted to live in a tiny house for the simplicity, affordability, and flexibility it brings into your life. However, I wanted more flexibility and just a wee-bit more space than what a tiny home on a trailer has to offer. So I began binge-searching  “school bus homes.” School buses in America can be … More School Bus Conversions

Raise the Roof!

On Monday, while two of us finished putting plywood up around the outside of the tiny house, the rest of our team was all hands on deck to start installing the roof. By the end of the class period, we went from an open-air building to what definitely resembles a room. For now, we were … More Raise the Roof!

A Good Read

When recently visiting a friend I saw this book sitting on her coffee table, and I of course had to read it. This book provides profiles of several tiny house owners. In this section you will find a picture of each home, its floor plan, list of utilities. In addition, the author briefly discusses sourcing … More A Good Read