School Bus Conversions


I have always wanted to live in a tiny house for the simplicity, affordability, and flexibility it brings into your life. However, I wanted more flexibility and just a wee-bit more space than what a tiny home on a trailer has to offer. So I began binge-searching  “school bus homes.”

School buses in America can be up to 40 feet long and average out to be 8 feet wide, consisting of almost double the square footage than the average tiny home (apx 120 square feet vs apx 280 square feet). Additionally, what I think is the best advantage school bus conversions have over traditional tiny homes on trailers is the ability to move independently. Tiny houses on trailers, obviously, require amped up trucks to relocate and move the home whereas school bus conversions only require the turn of a key to get moving! For those like me who love weekend or week-long road trips, bus conversions can act both as a home and as a mean to save some extra cash when road tripping!