Showing Off Our Hard Work

My dad came in town yesterday- he couldn’t believe that a class of students built a tiny house so I had to show it off to him! As a man who works in the home improvement field, he was very impressed 🙂

Measure twice, then measure again

Today we built a frame to hold the paneling that’s going to go underneath the sink. It was a little tricky because the foam and pipes kept throwing off our measurements, but we got it done! Also, we used the last 2×4 today. The tiny house is approaching completion!  

Tiny House Vs. Mortgage

The affordable nature of tiny housing has gotten me curious lately on the tradeoff and cost between simply building or purchasing a tiny house vs. taking a mortgage out on a standard 2,000 sq. ft. home. After doing a little research, I was able to find the table below on that detailed the total … More Tiny House Vs. Mortgage


We want to send a big shout out to professor Berle’s horticulture class for trenching out pipe lines to supply our tiny house with water and electricity. I have posted a picture below displaying how our water and electricity configuration is going to work. We have two trenched pipelines, one will supply the water, and … More Utilities!

Final thoughts

  Working on the tiny house this semester has exposed me to new materials, people, and ideas that have in some ways reinforced my personal philosophies about material culture in America, but in other ways I’ve learned to think more critically and be reflective of where my feelings are coming from before I pass judgement. … More Final thoughts

Math Man…

  Math is so much more fun when its on cardboard boxes. Spent an entire work day cutting over 60 pieces of wood with this gal for the flooring! I will forever have the numbers 91.5″ and 89.5″ stuck in my head…

Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things

Though this film isn’t specifically about Tiny Homes, its content and the questions explored throughout the film are very relevant to the Micro-living movement. The documentary explores how the American Dream has shifted to become synonymous with compulsory material consumerism. A minimalist lifestyle is one of the many types of movements that people are using to … More Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things