A Look Inside!

As our semester comes to a close, we finally installed the first cabinets! The cabinets were ordered from IKEA, and assembled during class. After drilling a long metal runner to the inside wall, the cabinets were extremely easy to hook on. The house is finally coming together!

Tiny Disaster

Last week we were required to write a paper about tiny homes and a problem that they faced. I wrote about how, for a person in my current situation, a tiny home may not be the best investment at the current time. Although they are really cool, and hopefully I will have my own one … More Tiny Disaster

Composting Toilet

Last week, we began to put in the toilet inside the bathroom. This is not your average toilet, it is a composting toilet (and it even came with a children’s seat). Composting toilets use little to no water so, they’re super energy efficient. They use an aerobic processing system to treat human excreta, by composting … More Composting Toilet