Living the Tiny Life

The word gratitude scarcely does my feelings justice.  My move to South Georgia was sudden and unexpected.  I had spent a month trying to listen to my heart and slowly I was able to make sense of a path, an opportunity to create and nurture, and ultimately to grow.  After closing my eyes and taking… More Living the Tiny Life

New Owner

Well, we (me and Ryan McNeil, who served as both co-pilot and driving therapist) made it. After a week of sleepless nights worrying the Tiny Dawg House would roll over into a ditch on the ride down the road, the day finally arrived. With minimal fanfare and a lot a sighs, we got into the… More New Owner

DIY Floorplans Online

As my last semester as an undergrad comes to an end, I’ve been ruminating things and want to offer a final submission to the blog. I hope the audience has enjoyed our post of our challenges and successes. My group with Jenna and Joel offered out proposals for the next tiny house during our last… More DIY Floorplans Online