Low Mileage

The tiny house built this semester is going to stay on UGA’s campus.  In fact, it is only going to move 10 feet from our construction site.  Students from the UGArden leveled the location with a tractor last week.  Since the tiny house will be ADA accessible a ramp will be built for one entry.

Problems with warped wood

While working we have had some issues with warped wood. Because most our boards are stored outside, some boards have experienced warping that have caused them to bend. This serves as an issue because bent boards can be a liability to the structure of the house and can throw off the plans for the house.

Measuring and Cutting

On Monday Rance and I were in charge of measuring and cutting the 2×4’s for the house. George would call out lengths to us, we would make a mark with the amount on the 2×4, and then cut the length with a circular saw. Some of the pieces needed to be angled, so we would … More Measuring and Cutting

Lots of Ladders

Work on framing the roof continues! We measured, measured again, placed the beams, adjusted them every so slightly, and used the nail gun to fix them in place. Since we needed two people, that meant two ladders, with an extra one for good measure. Navigating the ladders and everyone working was good agility training.

Fixing my Toenails

I learned a new meaning of “toenails” this week: long nails you shoot into the base of support beams. The idea is to get it diagonally through the vertical beam and into the horizontal beam below it. Generally you put two on one side and one on the other. It’s safe to say the tiny house … More Fixing my Toenails

Tiny Plans

Checkout our blueprint of the tiny house.  ADA bathroom, kitchen, office, and deck!  

Nail Gun Champs

If you would have asked me six weeks ago if I ever thought I’d be a pro at using a nail gun, I would have told you to keep dreaming. But after a day of cutting plywood to fit the frame and nailing panels up, I can confidently say that I am on my way … More Nail Gun Champs