Guest Speaker

On Monday we were visited by a guest speaker. Tim Davidson from the Creative Animal Foundation came to class to tell us about his current program. He along with his partner, Stephanie Arne, are traveling around the country in a tiny house to promote sustainable living. Tim also checked out our tiny house and interviewed … More Guest Speaker

Rust Patterns

During Monday’s class we got to pick out a few sheets of rusty metal to add to the board and batten siding.  It was fun to pick out the pieces with the best rust patterns. After choosing which ones we liked best, we cut them to the right size. This little curly cue of metal … More Rust Patterns

Board and Batten

Monday turned out to be a beautiful workday at UGArden. One team began to put the board and batten siding on the house, and the other worked on interior paneling. We were able to put up all the boards, and will soon be adding the battens. The rough cut wood mixed with the rusted panels … More Board and Batten

Friday Workday

Yesterday was an extra tiny house work session and provided time to keep adding interior paneling to the office. We worked in teams to find pieces of wood, to cut them on the miter saw and to stack and install them inside. The piece of wood in the photo is a snapshot of our counting … More Friday Workday

Flashback Friday

Here’s a flashback to a Wednesday in March when we were putting up some blocking in the walls, to attach the siding to. It was the first time I’d ever used (or even seen) a chalk line. We managed to get a lot done despite the freezing wind! Hard to believe this was a month … More Flashback Friday