While I’m happy to see the end of this semester, I’m also sad that this class is over! I have thoroughly enjoyed building this tiny house this semester with such a great group of people. I want to thank our professors and the University of Georgia to be able to make this class happen.This class … More Reflection

Tiny homes for Veterans

My freshman year, I went on a service trip to Maryland for Veterans Advocacy and Awareness. During our visit, we worked with several organizations that interacted with various veteran populations, whether that focused on women veterans, wounded veterans, elder veterans, and families of veterans and active service members. At the time, tiny homes weren’t well … More Tiny homes for Veterans

Tiny House Timeline

Check out this timeline slideshow we’ve made to show the progress of the tiny house! We have came along way since we first started and have had the best time working with Dr. Skobba, Dr. Berle, and George on this house. We have learned all aspects of tiny homes and the benefits it can bring … More Tiny House Timeline

That’s a Wrap!

After a long semester of hard work, we come to the bittersweet end. This class has been a huge learning experience for everyone involved, and allowed us all to form relationships with new people. Although the house is not completely done, it will be finished over the next coming weeks by some of the students … More That’s a Wrap!

Tiny House Funding!

As our time building our tiny home is drawing to an end, many of y’all might be wondering how this whole project was funded! Well, we have partnered with Georgia Organics to be able to donate this home to an organic farmer in need. While we have partnered with Georgia Organics, they are funding this … More Tiny House Funding!

Final touches

Here is Dana filling in little holes with the caulking gun. This is mainly used for sealing up gaps and cracks in the home. For our tiny house, we mainly used it on the exterior for all the places we nailed into the wood.


What a great space we have been able to use for this course. Ugarden is such a great place doing many great things other than the tiny homes class! I wish everyone could see and taste the work that students are doing out here!