Decisions….Decisions… (roofing and siding)

We talked briefly in class today about the major considerations for roofing and siding materials for our tiny dawg house. The 6 main realms of concern are: cost, energy efficiency, carbon footprint, weight and aesthetics. For our class, ease of installation, or more specifically, level of skill required to install, adds another dimension to the … More Decisions….Decisions… (roofing and siding)

Field Trip

No class is complete without a field trip (or two). Today we visited an in-town, in-ground, tiny house and a geodesic dome (brings back college memories). Both homeowners were very welcoming and BOTH served excellent refreshments! We hit the jackpot on this field trip. Here is a pic of the geodesic home under construction by … More Field Trip

Tiny House. Big Impact.

I learned about the Tiny House class this past spring semester as an intern at UGArden, UGA’s student-run organic learning and demonstration farm. This is my last semester as an undergraduate, and I wanted to take the class because I knew it would be educational, service-oriented, and absolutely unforgettable. And being a student in the … More Tiny House. Big Impact.

The house as a system…water

Water is bad news all around for a tiny house. For moisture problems to occur in houses, four criteria must be present: 1) liquid moisture (rain, condensate, plumbing leak, etc.); 2) a driving force or pressure (wind, gravity, capillary or surface tension); 3) a path (crack, hole, opening, etc.); and and 4)moisture-sensitive material. Wood is a very moisture-sensitive … More The house as a system…water