What a time to be alive!

As our semester comes to end, we’ve started wrapping up our final touches to the house. Though our classes doesn’t meeting regularly anymore, there is still work to do on the house, especially on the inside. Our gracious professor, architect and instructor has set aside time out of their day to help with finishing up the … More What a time to be alive!

Doors, doors, doors…

In terms of final touches on the home, the doors were a big step. First, we installed a sliding door for access to the restroom and shower. Next, although the IKEA cabinets had been mounted on the wall, they did not have their doors installed yet. The cabinet doors were very easy to install with … More Doors, doors, doors…


On Thursday, Catt and I primed the windows. This entailed getting our giant brushes into the cracks and crevasses where the windows met the siding. Neither one of us loved this job, but someone had to do it!

A Look Inside!

As our semester comes to a close, we finally installed the first cabinets! The cabinets were ordered from IKEA, and assembled during class. After drilling a long metal runner to the inside wall, the cabinets were extremely easy to hook on. The house is finally coming together!

Tiny Disaster

Last week we were required to write a paper about tiny homes and a problem that they faced. I wrote about how, for a person in my current situation, a tiny home may not be the best investment at the current time. Although they are really cool, and hopefully I will have my own one … More Tiny Disaster

Composting Toilet

Last week, we began to put in the toilet inside the bathroom. This is not your average toilet, it is a composting toilet (and it even came with a children’s seat). Composting toilets use little to no water so, they’re super energy efficient. They use an aerobic processing system to treat human excreta, by composting … More Composting Toilet