Tiny House Funding!

As our time building our tiny home is drawing to an end, many of y’all might be wondering how this whole project was funded! Well, we have partnered with Georgia Organics to be able to donate this home to an organic farmer in need. While we have partnered with Georgia Organics, they are funding this home through donations. They will be announcing which farmer will receive the home at their conference on February 17th and 18th. But we still have bills to be paid before this is possible and we need your help! Georgia Organics has created a “Generosity” by Indiegogo page to raise funds to pay the rest of our bills. Not only are you helping provide affordable housing for a farmer in need but you provided the opportunity for us students to learn about sustainability and building in a real world situation! We thank you for following us along this journey and can’t wait for it to be delivered to a farmer in February!