Tiny House Funding!

As our time building our tiny home is drawing to an end, many of y’all might be wondering how this whole project was funded! Well, we have partnered with Georgia Organics to be able to donate this home to an organic farmer in need. While we have partnered with Georgia Organics, they are funding this … More Tiny House Funding!


As a final reflection due in class, we were tasked to look into one aspect of tiny houses that interested us personally the most. There are many aspects of tiny houses that are interesting to look at. I choose to look into the sustainability side of tiny houses. This info graphic is a great summary … More Reflecting

Tiny Loft

On the Tuesday before our Thanksgiving break, the tiny loft’s walls were finished. With these walls finally being paneled, this was the last area of the walls that needed to be finished! The bathroom and the tiny loft walls took longer to install due to the tight cracks and little space. Oh the dilemmas of … More Tiny Loft

Modular Homes

As a part of our class, we have learned about many different types of unconventional housing. Last Tuesday, we had an in class speaker, Ken Paris, come in an talk about modular homes. While there is an idea that these modular homes look like prefabricated trailers, these homes are much more than that!┬áThese homes are … More Modular Homes