Modular Homes

As a part of our class, we have learned about many different types of unconventional housing. Last Tuesday, we had an in class speaker, Ken Paris, come in an talk about modular homes. While there is an idea that these modular homes look like prefabricated trailers, these homes are much more than that! These homes are almost halfway built in a factory and then shipped to the location to be finished. Just like tiny houses, modular homes have many benefits that are different than the conventional ways of building. These homes are cheaper and less wasteful to produce because extra materials can be used on another home instead of throwing extra away on site. This means they are an excellent option for affordable housing. Also, the time to build a house within the factory is much shorter because the factory is indoors away from the elements. These modular structures can be used for homes, town homes, and even schools! We enjoyed hearing about these homes in a real life application and would like to thank Mr. Paris for visiting our class!