Raise the Roof!

On Monday, while two of us finished putting plywood up around the outside of the tiny house, the rest of our team was all hands on deck to start installing the roof. By the end of the class period, we went from an open-air building to what definitely resembles a room. For now, we were … More Raise the Roof!

A Good Read

When recently visiting a friend I saw this book sitting on her coffee table, and I of course had to read it. This book provides profiles of several tiny house owners. In this section you will find a picture of each home, its floor plan, list of utilities. In addition, the author briefly discusses sourcing … More A Good Read

Building Raised Beds

While the rain came down on Monday we spent our time building raised beds. These beds will be used for people in wheelchairs to plant in. Most of the frames were already build, so we spent our time putting wood glue on the frame to ensure stability, and then finish drilling in boards. By the … More Building Raised Beds

Rain Day

The rain came like crazy today! We couldn’t work on the tiny house itself, so we set up shop inside the barn. As a side project, another class is building wheel chair accessible planters. With no smaller tiny house projects to work on, we set to organizing our work space and making adjustments to the … More Rain Day

Accessory Dwelling Units

Many US cities have issues with decreasing supply of affordable housing.  It’s often up for political debate, but what is actually being done?  Some cities are pushing for changes in zoning laws and building codes to allow for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  Is this an opportunity for tiny homes? http://americantinyhouseassociation.org/accessory-dwelling-units/ ADUs’ Tiny Relatives (video) http://marketurbanism.com/2017/01/09/how-lexington-can-expand-affordable-housing-without-touching-the-ugb/