Big challenges, tiny houses podcast

This is a link to a great podcast about Tiny Houses! It discusses the motivations behind the movement, examines the economics surrounding tiny houses, and interviews tiny house dwellers and skeptics alike. Some of the questions considered include:

  • What percentage of tiny house owners are motivated by a desire for financial stability? How does this factor in that many tiny houses are actually more expensive per square foot then the average suburban home? How does the tiny house movement affect the general housing market?
  • Why are millennials in particular drawn to the tiny house movement? Why is there a sudden urge to get small? Does our digital environment enhance the opportunities for tiny living?
  • Is mobility one of the draws of a tiny lifestyle, or just a frequent necessity due to laws that are unfriendly towards tiny living? How can changing existing laws lead to more pedestrian-centered, urban environments?



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  1. The podcast you’ve referenced is truly great! It’s very entertaining and informative and I enjoyed it a lot – thanks for the recommendation.

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