Final Roofing touches

Here is a photo of Cat and George putting final touches on the roof. They are lining the edge between the roof and the walls to act in place of a gutter system. This is one of the last steps until the final completion of the home!


As a final reflection due in class, we were tasked to look into one aspect of tiny houses that interested us personally the most. There are many aspects of tiny houses that are interesting to look at. I choose to look into the sustainability side of tiny houses. This info graphic is a great summary … More Reflecting

Tiny Loft

On the Tuesday before our Thanksgiving break, the tiny loft’s walls were finished. With these walls finally being paneled, this was the last area of the walls that needed to be finished! The bathroom and the tiny loft walls took longer to install due to the tight cracks and little space. Oh the dilemmas of … More Tiny Loft

ikea madness

the first sunday of thanksgiving break, dr. skobba, her husband & son, and berle came in to work on the tiny house and try to make some more progress before having the week off for break. chloe and i came in to help out….i’ll take any excuse to come work on the tiny house! dr. … More ikea madness

The Smelly Reality

When most people talk about┬átiny homes, one of the first things┬áthat is brought up is whether or not to use a composting toilet. Although it is gross to talk about, it is a very important thing to think about when building a tiny home. There are many pros and cons to both the composting toilet … More The Smelly Reality