Tiny House Give Away

Have you enjoyed following our tinydawghouse?? Check out this website where a company GAVE away a tiny house worth over $60,000. Designed by Brian Preston 368 sq/ft Full open Kitchen and bath Master (queen size) Bedroom on the main level Reclaimed wood exterior and finishes Queen size sleeping loft with stairs   Visit here:  >>>> … More Tiny House Give Away

Look at that Shine!

I know, I know….the picture doesn’t do it justice. But believe it or not, the walls received a nice coating of lacquer on Sunday! In order to keep our nice wood paneling clean for the future ahead, some parts of the walls were slightly sanded from imperfections and then coated with the clear treatment. This … More Look at that Shine!

Inside sneak peek!

Here’s a quick look of the interior of the house while standing in the bathroom! Plus a quick hello from Emma and Chloe!

Coming along

 The more and more our class works on the house, the more and more excited and invested everyone seems to get. As we’ve been seeing the progress of the house advancing from the ground up (literally), we have all found this new sense of pride and accomplishment. This project has taught us all so many … More Coming along

So Close, yet Inches Away

Yesterday, there was a huge amount of determination spreading through the group. It seems we are so close to finishing the house (after, it looks pretty livable!) but there are many important details left to complete. One of the major projects left is finishing the flooring. After hours of work and striving to make odd … More So Close, yet Inches Away


On Tuesday, I got the fun job of caulking around all the windows and door of the tiny house. After doing a little research, I found that caulking is an important step to seal up the tiny cracks to keep the house well insulated. Caulking is also an important factor when trying to improve your … More Caulking

A Semester In Review

The tiny house is making great progress and in just a couple of weeks, we will wrap up the end of this amazing semester. When I found out that I got into FHCE 4900, I was super excited to have the chance to learn what went into building a tiny house. Little did I realize how … More A Semester In Review


This week Jonathan, Dan, and I continued working on the floor. We got about two thirds of the way done, so there is still a little bit of work left to be done! I thought doing the flooring was a lot of fun. I like being able to pick which length of flooring should be … More Flooring