Never judge a.. toilet by its cover!


Now, you’re probably thinking why is Dana sitting on a toilet?! Well, this CLEAN and unused toilet is the very self-sufficient and simplistic bathroom that will be put into our tiny house. Not only does it keep the user accountable for taking the trash AND the toilet bucket out to the dumpster (or wherever you’re supposed to dump bathroom excess..). It even came with a kid’s toilet that you can put on top of the main opening. As weird as this picture may seem, I think it’s really important that we take a second to realize that when living / building a tiny house, you aren’t going to get every little luxury the same as you would in your dormitory or in your apartment or cozy home. Some things, you have to be willing to give up – a nice flushing toilet being the case for this house! I think it’s so easy for us to take the little things for granted and it wasn’t after today that I realized how much we normalize things like a clean flushing toilet (even on campus) — which was especially evident when we were all curiously taking apart the toilet to try to understand how in the world it was supposed to work!

On a brighter note, Dana has been one of the most hardworking members of creating this beautiful Tiny House and this picture perfectly captures her contagious and fun spirit that makes building a tiny house altogether that much more special and meaningful!