ikea madness

img_4290the first sunday of thanksgiving break, dr. skobba, her husband & son, and berle came in to work on the tiny house and try to make some more progress before having the week off for break. chloe and i came in to help out….i’ll take any excuse to come work on the tiny house!

dr. skobba’s husband and i were tasked with finishing to assemble the ikea cabinets for the kitchen. on the thursday previously, i helped emily, thomas, and scottlyn with the first few cabinets, so i was slightly familiar with the ikea cabinet process. what we were not in store for was the confusion that would arise when it came to the drawers…..after much deliberation and discussion, we finally managed to assemble all the drawers and prepare them to be installed in the house. what caused the confusion is that ikea packages the drawer fronts separately from the actual drawer mechanism, so we were tasked with figuring out which front matched with which drawer. once we figured that out, after counting and recounting & consulting the elevations, we were able to put them all together no problem. we had an assembly line going and it was smooth sailing after that. at first i was hesitant with the ikea cabinets….i don’t know how much i would trust something that i put together myself; but after putting all the cabinets and drawers together, they actually were quite sturdy and looked really good! i was very impressed. i really felt like we made progress and assembling those cabinets outside of class was a big help, considering we are about to be in our last week of class!

i can’t believe this semester is almost over and all our hard work is about to be finished. its been such an amazing process and i can’t wait to see the end result!