The Tiny Dawg House Needs YOU!

Have you been following this blog throughout the semester, watching our progress unfold? Are you a supporter and fan of organic farms and young farmers across the state? Do the topics of sustainable home design and affordable farmworker housing keep you up at night?  Do you wish there was a part of this project that you could be a part of?

Well, there is! We need your help with two things –

First, we need your help with fundraising. Georgia Organics has launched a crowd-funder site to raise $10,000 to complete and transport our tiny house to an organic farmimg_8406-2 in Georgia. A very generous donor has agreed to match the first $4,000 raised. We need your help in raising money to complete this project. Our tiny house cannot be utilized by an organic farmer until all the bills are paid!

Second, we need your help with spreading the word about our project. Share this blog post and the crowd-funding website with all of your friends, family, coworkers, and the strangers you pass on the street. Post links to the website (and this blog)  on your facebook, twitter, and any other social media sites you frequent. Broadcast it from your rooftop, if you like – no one’s stopping you!

This tiny house has been a great learning experience for our class and is now continuing  it’s journey to become a farmer’s home. Help us get our tiny house into the hands of a deserving organic farm in Georgia!

Check out this site for more information, photos and a video of last year’s tiny house: