TEDx Talk: What’s a Tiny House?

I recently watched a TEDx Talk covering tiny houses. In this forteen minute discussion the speaker, Amy Henion, covers the topics of explaining what tiny houses are, reasons for their popularity, and ways they can change your life. Her definition of a tiny houses is “small mobile houses built on travel trailers”. Amy’s directed audience members are college, students, and young professionals. She explains that tiny houses are a good alternative form of housing that allows for mobility, low cost of upkeep, and a long-term living space customizable to fit your needs. In addition, they allow young people to have career stability with the option of “going where the job takes you”, and more financial flexibility while still having full ownership of a home. Overall, Amy says tiny houses are a “gateway dream” one that “makes other dreams possible”. For more details on tiny houses and her personal journey I recommend checking out this video: