Ramping Up Construction

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Last week during our class time, we tried our hands at designing a tiny house by laying out all the interior elements. This week, we put those drawings to the test by taping out our floor plans. While the tightness of the space didn’t come as too much of a surprise, it was a great way to visualize the challenges of putting all the necessary housing elements into such a compact area.

After finishing our imaginary design trial, we moved out to our actual tiny house and got to work in two teams, one on roofing and one focused on the interior. The interior team began by building a ramp for getting into the house, which has been moved into a carved out area such that the entrance and ground align. Once that project was fully ramped up (construction sites leave too much low-hanging fruit for puns…wood you believe it!), we worked on finishing touches to the plywood framing and added 2x4s inside. It was exciting to see that the plumbing had been started on the home, making the final product seem even more tangible.