A Solid Foundation

Every house, big or small needs a solid foundation to ensure durability and a long life. This is a picture from the beginning of the build after screwing down the plywood subfloor to the metal frame of the trailer. Before any of that took place, we first had to level the trailer using standard jacks to … More A Solid Foundation

The Dawgs Put on the Roof!

After nailing down the plywood boards to the rafters, and laying down a moisture-repelling film, the last step was the shingles. This week, we successfully lined up and nailed down all the remaining shingles, which just happen to be UGA themed!

More Siding

On Tuesday Burke, Tori, and I continued working on placing siding to the left of the front door on the tiny house. We spent the day cutting siding from smaller scrap pieces of wood so that we could minimize the amount of siding waste. We also spent time making sure that our section of siding to … More More Siding

Working Towards Lighting

On Tuesday, Thomas and I had the opportunity to help the electrician with the wiring for the interior of our tiny house. Pretty soon we will have lights, a ceiling fan, and electrical outlets! Tuesday was the first time that I had any experience with electrical wiring. We stapled the insulated wires to the studs and then ran … More Working Towards Lighting

tiny house time lapse

i stumbled across this really cool time lapse video of a tiny house being built. while it is much more elaborate than ours, the processes are all the same and its cool to watch it go up right before your eyes! it makes me wish we had a time lapse of our little house! enjoy! … More tiny house time lapse

Siding and Roofing!!

We have begun attaching the siding and the roofing materials!! The house is coming along nicely. I never thought I would have learned so much in such a short amount of time. Hands on learning is definitely the way to go. We also got the house wired for electricity today! How awesome is that?? I … More Siding and Roofing!!