The little things

They say good things come when you least expect it. Today, we came prepared, ready, and excited to finish up roofing and exterior siding. We were truly only a few pieces away from finishing the exterior. However, we came across a little hiccup as we were setting up the air compressor. We turned it on and felt like there was air escaping somewhere from the machine. It wasn’t until we took the thing apart and later found out (all thanks to our awesome team of curious peeps – Dan and Jonathan!) that a part of the metal pieces had completely broken off the other end of the air compressor tube. With that being said, we were pretty limited on things to do around the house. We, eager to do something, picked up some side work around the house, like moving the new indoor wall sheets under the barn. Since there’s a fall festival happening this weekend, we wanted to ensure that all of our materials were kept safe. In addition to a little side work, we moved the house around so that the front door was by the open area where people coming to the festival could check out the house!

Needless to say, there were many little things that we oftentimes take for granted or loose sight of when we’re so used to having everything working the way we wanted. We had a few members of our team absent, our air compressor broke, and we didn’t get to work on the house at all. Despite all of the minor unexpected changes, we were able to sit and discuss how this house was going to be presented to the public and how other members of the community could benefit from learning a thing or two about how, what, and why this house is being made! Today’s work day was just a reminder to work hard everyday and even something as simple as an air compressor can push us back an entire day of work!

Lesson learned: Don’t take the small things for granted!