One of the many team members!


This is Keilea. She is one of the few members who have tirelessly dedicated this past semester in making this future home as loveable, safe, and comfortable as possible. Whether it is trying something new or making minor errors to learn from, there is truly something to learn every day.

In the back is our tiny house getting ready to be presented to the local community. By the end of today, Tuesday, October 25th, the majority of the exterior is done! We’ve worked our way up the walls on the inside (expect pictures next week). It’s amazing what all of our work has contributed to and how much progress we’ve made, despite all of the obstacles and hiccups we’ve had along the way.

This picture not only includes our beautiful soon-to-be home, but it also shows that building a house doesn’t have to be JUST construction and putting things together in silence. It’s about having fun, getting to know your team, trying new things together, giggling about not knowing what tool goes with what, and putting a new pair of lenses on. This house would not be possible without people like Keilea and I think it’s important that we recognize our amazing team of students.


Stay tuned for more updates and pictures (and maybe even a video!).