Colors – Inside & Out

Now that the roof has been finished, we are going to keep working on putting up the siding. I was wondering to myself, how do people determine which color they want to paint their house? Does it even matter? I decided to do a little research on this topic even though our paint scheme has probably already been predetermined. Keep in mind that a house’s paint job is usually the LAST thing on the list.

The color of internal paint is important for setting the tone and overall style of a household but can also provide green benefits. Reflective colors increase the brightness of natural lighting. A living space consisting of a single main room would probably need a neutral color to serve ALL occasions. Neutral colors would be White or various Light Tones such as Grey, Beige, Tan, and possibly even Brown.

An external paint coatings have chemical compositions that increase the duration of the siding’s life in defense against the elements. Dark Colors Absorb light and can increase heat. Bright colors reflect light and can cool things off. From what I have gathered, these are some statements colors psychologically make:

Blue – A more “formal” color, and mentally calming
Red – Stimulating and gets people’s attention
Yellow – A “happy”, lively color
Green – Balance or Prosperity, Positive, Longevity
Violet – Purple – Thought Provoking, Meditative
Orange – Warmth, Comfort, and “Fun”
Pink – Nurturing and “physically” soothing
Grey – A strong sense of Neutrality
Black – Seriousness and “heavy”
Brown – “Earthy”
White – Reflective and Cleanliness

The color white often serves as a positive spin off for retail value, as it attracts potential buyers as a new beginning or a clean slate. What do YOU think is the BEST color to live in?