UGAarden’s Fall Festival & This Week

The groups have been working between finishing the exterior siding at the top of the house while others are installing the interior panels, within the house. The exterior siding is just about finished and the interior panels are going up just as fast. The walls that make up the inside of the house are White Pine, 1×8, wood paneling. The exterior siding is also made out of White Pine so the walls on the outside match the walls on the inside.

The installation has been progressing very efficiently thanks to the great teamwork our groups continue to display. The process has required many precision cuts to be made into the wood panels to enable the electrical circuitry to be accessible through the walls and throughout the house. We have had a lot of excellent supervision and help, and I personally am learning a lot. It’s nice how the wood panels fit together into grooves, making our job a little bit easier.

We were given the opportunity on Thursday (Oct.20th) to display our progress during the UGArden’s Fall Festival. Students were able to tell curious patrons about their experiences in the class and all the work we’ve been doing. I can’t help but feel pride in all that we have accomplished.

The next few jobs that will be following the interior panel installment will be the installation of the flooring, and assembling the furniture / appliances. Our flooring selection consists of bamboo slats that will be installed into grooves, and glued into place. Our furniture and appliances come from different resources, and IKEA. We have achieved so much as it is, and there is more to come! Everyone is doing a great job and working well together, as a team. Have a great week, and I’ll see y’all on the site.