Roof up, Blue up.

On Monday our team put up the roof, and it is very blue. I love the color, and I think it looks very well with the barn style. Red would have probably gone a little better with our school colors, but I am a fan of the blue.

Tiny House Town

Tiny House Town ( is a blog that I recently stumbled upon. The creator, Jen, has been posting for two years with her focus being on tiny house living. She is personally drawn to their social, economical, and environmental benefits. I enjoyed reading through her blog as it contained ample examples of tiny houses (and … More Tiny House Town

Poplar for Plywood

After much time, we have finally ditched the plywood flooring and finished off our tiny house with some beautiful poplar wood from our own UGA garden. This flooring marks a major stepping stone toward our finished product, and it adds a nicely finished accent to the poplar that was used in the bathroom that we … More Poplar for Plywood

I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

After a semesters worth of work, our tiny house is finally reaching its later stages! Today we placed and secured the tin roofing which completes our tiny house roof. As you can see, it is a distinct blue color, and was installed upon request of the very professor’s who plan to utilize this house as … More I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

To all UGA students

I highly recommend taking this class, whether you want to learn to build or just want class credit, this class is great! It teaches you practical life skills that you will might need in the future, like how to use power tools. It is creative and hands-on learning, and what could be better than taking … More To all UGA students

Finishing up

Spring semester is almost over, but that won’t put a stop to tiny house construction. In the beginning of the spring, our class helped add the finishing touches to fall semester’s house. With summer coming up, It’s looking like we got most of the work done

Hickory Tree

A large hickory tree fell last year at the UGarden. It was on the property for decades and has seen the UGarden grow and expand.  Now we are using wood from the tree as flooring and it will be a permanent fixture on the property.