Tiny House Vs. Mortgage

The affordable nature of tiny housing has gotten me curious lately on the tradeoff and cost between simply building or purchasing a tiny house vs. taking a mortgage out on a standard 2,000 sq. ft. home. After doing a little research, I was able to find the table below on investopedia.com that detailed the total … More Tiny House Vs. Mortgage


We want to send a big shout out to professor Berle’s horticulture class for trenching out pipe lines to supply our tiny house with water and electricity. I have posted a picture below displaying how our water and electricity configuration is going to work. We have two trenched pipelines, one will supply the water, and … More Utilities!

Poplar for Plywood

After much time, we have finally ditched the plywood flooring and finished off our tiny house with some beautiful poplar wood from our own UGA garden. This flooring marks a major stepping stone toward our finished product, and it adds a nicely finished accent to the poplar that was used in the bathroom that we … More Poplar for Plywood

I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

After a semesters worth of work, our tiny house is finally reaching its later stages! Today we placed and secured the tin roofing which completes our tiny house roof. As you can see, it is a distinct blue color, and was installed upon request of the very professor’s who plan to utilize this house as … More I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

Becoming a Handyman

As an unskilled craftsman, I was slightly nervous to hear on the first day of class that we would be using commercial grade tools to build this house. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was forced to quickly adapt and learn how to use some of the most dangerous yet effective tools … More Becoming a Handyman

Taking a Step Back

After spending weeks under construction, us students took the opportunity to take a step back from our work and map out a tiny house of our own. Using masking tape, we were given the dimensions of the average tiny house and were given free reign as to the layout and features that our houses would … More Taking a Step Back