While I’m happy to see the end of this semester, I’m also sad that this class is over! I have thoroughly enjoyed building this tiny house this semester with such a great group of people. I want to thank our professors and the University of Georgia to be able to make this class happen.This class … More Reflection

Tiny House Timeline

Check out this timeline slideshow we’ve made to show the progress of the tiny house! We have came along way since we first started and have had the best time working with Dr. Skobba, Dr. Berle, and George on this house. We have learned all aspects of tiny homes and the benefits it can bring … More Tiny House Timeline

Composting Toilet

Last week, we began to put in the toilet inside the bathroom. This is not your average toilet, it is a composting toilet (and it even came with a children’s seat). Composting toilets use little to no water so, they’re super energy efficient. They use an aerobic processing system to treat human excreta, by composting … More Composting Toilet


On Tuesday, I got the fun job of caulking around all the windows and door of the tiny house. After doing a little research, I found that caulking is an important step to seal up the tiny cracks to keep the house well insulated. Caulking is also an important factor when trying to improve your … More Caulking

Bathroom Coming Along…

    Tuesday, George and I worked on putting up the wall panels in the bathroom. We put up four walls and the ceiling. It was nice working with him because he cut the boards and I nailed them up! ( the fun part)

Maximizing Space

While finishing up the interior and exterior paneling of the house, we now have to think about maximizing the interior space with design techniques. I think the main aspect to focus on is storage. It’s important to try to use any available inch of space for storage. For example, using hang-able racks in the kitchen … More Maximizing Space