Colors – Inside & Out

Now that the roof has been finished, we are going to keep working on putting up the siding. I was wondering to myself, how do people determine which color they want to paint their house? Does it even matter? I decided to do a little research on this topic even though our paint scheme has … More Colors – Inside & Out

How Far We’ve Come

This is a list of the work completed from August to October, in chronological order. Trailer Base sprayed with insulation Base flooring established on top of trailer over insulated foundation Each Wall Framing Built separately and attached to the wooden flooring Involved measuring and cutting 2 x 4s Nailed together with Nail Guns Roof Framing … More How Far We’ve Come


Our groups have been doing an excellent job. I feel like the project is progressing very efficiently. It has been very inspiring to work with other students from different majors. This course offers many different learning opportunities to students between green building and housing development to actual carpentry with teamwork development. Through our guided efforts, … More Teamwork

Tiny Houses of America

What does a Tiny House symbolize? What does it mean? What purpose does it serve? The Tiny House movement started here in United States and directly challenges the social principals that are instilled in many Americans. A Tiny House expresses the main ideas of simple living and being environmentally friendly. It is a social movement … More Tiny Houses of America

Labor Day Update

Our Tiny House project starts off with the trailer, which is a fairly common foundation for a tiny house. Our trailer has been coated with an isolated flooring base prior to any actual structure being built on top. David Berle is depicted explaining to the class the height of our structure relative to the trailer. … More Labor Day Update