On Thursday, Catt and I primed the windows. This entailed getting our giant brushes into the cracks and crevasses where the windows met the siding. Neither one of us loved this job, but someone had to do it!

Tiny Bathroom (continued…)

From Tori’s last post, you can see that her and George put the siding in the bathroom on Tuesday. Then, on Thursday, I helped with putting the pieces of the shower together and into the bathroom. Below, you can see the shower panels that George and I installed.

The Tiny Bathroom

What is a tiny house without a tiny bathroom! In the picture below, we see Emma standing in what will soon be the shower. Directly next to her will be the sink and toilet! All in that small, small space. “SUCH A SMALL BATHROOM” one may exclaim. But after thinking about how much time you … More The Tiny Bathroom

Nit Picking

Over the past few weeks, the house has progressed very quickly. The flooring, sides, roof, and now openings for the windows are all completed! Each class time has been full of everyone working on the house to get major things done. It is so fun to work together and see the (many) fruits of our … More Nit Picking

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Last Tuesday, we experienced our first rain delay. When we felt the first few drops of water, I was perched on top of the roof nailing plywood to the rafters (see Emma’s post  Up to Greater Heights about the whole process of roofing). At first, I thought the tree that we are building the house under … More Rain, Rain, Go Away

The Walls Are Up!

That means that the house is basically a home, right? Close… Today, half of our class nailed 2x4s together to build the walls of the tiny house. Our house is going to have a shed roof, so one wall is taller than the other. One wall is 10 feet tall while the other wall is 8 feet … More The Walls Are Up!