Rain Day

The rain came like crazy today! We couldn’t work on the tiny house itself, so we set up shop inside the barn. As a side project, another class is building wheel chair accessible planters. With no smaller tiny house projects to work on, we set to organizing our work space and making adjustments to the … More Rain Day

Nail Gun Champs

If you would have asked me six weeks ago if I ever thought I’d be a pro at using a nail gun, I would have told you to keep dreaming. But after a day of cutting plywood to fit the frame and nailing panels up, I can confidently say that I am on my way … More Nail Gun Champs

Productive Mondays

So much was happening at the tiny house build site today! The most complex task? Building Ikea cabinets. Who knew something with directions could be so complicated? Luckily, I was part of the group building a bed frame, and no contact with the dreaded Ikea cabinets was necessary. To build the bed frame, we cut … More Productive Mondays

Even Tinier Bird Houses

Who would have thought they’d let a bunch of college students, all with varying degrees of construction skills, build a tiny house? The answer: no one. At least, not before getting comfortable with a few tools. Before we could get to work on the house, we got to work on something a little smaller. The mission? Learn basic … More Even Tinier Bird Houses

Touring a Tiny House

To prep for our big semester of building, we got to tour the completed tiny house of retired UGA microbiology professor and tiny house enthusiast, Dr. Peter Hartel. He built an amazing house right in his backyard – complete to regulation building codes and even to the requirements of the historic neighborhood in which he resides. It was … More Touring a Tiny House

Saws & Walls

Another day of building is in the books! The big goal for today was walls, walls, and more walls. Together, we measured and cut 2x4s to get more of the frame nailed together. Hand saws were a bit of a challenge, but our power tool skills are getting there! By the time we’re done, we’ll (almost) be … More Saws & Walls

The Walls Go Up!

Two weeks in, and we’ve gotten the first wall up! With the help of our trusty carpenter George, we measured and cut several 2x4s, nailed together a frame, and got it attached to the base. It’s balanced a little precariously right now, but it’ll be sturdy in no time as we continue to add to the … More The Walls Go Up!