Tiny House, Big Money

Atlanta has one of the most popular Airbnb listings in the US and to no surprise it’s a tiny house.  Tiny tree house (pictured in the featured photo).  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1415908 Tiny houses are often viewed at cost cutters.  Downsizing to reduce cost, utilities, and upkeep.  They also have great potential for revenue.  If used as a … More Tiny House, Big Money

Hickory Tree

A large hickory tree fell last year at the UGarden. It was on the property for decades and has seen the UGarden grow and expand.  Now we are using wood from the tree as flooring and it will be a permanent fixture on the property.

Started the siding

George got his hands on some reclaimed metal.  Now we’re cutting it to size and using it above and below the windows to break up the wood siding with artistic flair.   Saving a few bucks too.

Lowe’s Gift Wrap

Today we added our water resistant barrier (WRB) to the tiny house.  WRBs with a score of 5 perms (short for permeance) are required by code.  The plastic barrier we used scores anywhere between 5-50 and will prevent water entering the house, but will allow water to exit the house.  This feature will help prevent water damage … More Lowe’s Gift Wrap

Accessory Dwelling Units

Many US cities have issues with decreasing supply of affordable housing.  It’s often up for political debate, but what is actually being done?  Some cities are pushing for changes in zoning laws and building codes to allow for accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  Is this an opportunity for tiny homes? http://americantinyhouseassociation.org/accessory-dwelling-units/ ADUs’ Tiny Relatives (video) http://marketurbanism.com/2017/01/09/how-lexington-can-expand-affordable-housing-without-touching-the-ugb/

Low Mileage

The tiny house built this semester is going to stay on UGA’s campus.  In fact, it is only going to move 10 feet from our construction site.  Students from the UGArden leveled the location with a tractor last week.  Since the tiny house will be ADA accessible a ramp will be built for one entry.

Tiny Plans

Checkout our blueprint of the tiny house.  ADA bathroom, kitchen, office, and deck!  

Financing a Tiny House

Our UGA tiny house is unique in many ways, one unique aspect easily overlooked is our financing.  We are fortunate this semester to be supported by retired UGA professor, Dr. Peter Hartel.  What about the average Joe looking to purchase a tiny house?  Going to a bank for a home mortgage would be a good start.  However, … More Financing a Tiny House