Tiny homes for Veterans

My freshman year, I went on a service trip to Maryland for Veterans Advocacy and Awareness. During our visit, we worked with several organizations that interacted with various veteran populations, whether that focused on women veterans, wounded veterans, elder veterans, and families of veterans and active service members. At the time, tiny homes weren’t well … More Tiny homes for Veterans

Final touches

Here is Dana filling in little holes with the caulking gun. This is mainly used for sealing up gaps and cracks in the home. For our tiny house, we mainly used it on the exterior for all the places we nailed into the wood.

What a time to be alive!

As our semester comes to end, we’ve started wrapping up our final touches to the house. Though our classes doesn’t meeting regularly anymore, there is still work to do on the house, especially on the inside. Our gracious professor, architect and instructor has set aside time out of their day to help with finishing up the … More What a time to be alive!

Hard work pays off!

Coming to you live from the little TINY house on South Milledge: Here’s our most recent update on the house. Today, we finished up caulking the little areas around the windows and door. We began putting wood pieces on the loft area in the house and we also are in the process of finishing up … More Hard work pays off!

Handy-Dandy paint man!

Today, we had half of the group paint the outside, the other half working on putting the remainder of the walls in while we had also had someone else working on filling in the little nail gun holes in the door and windows.   This is Jonathan, our handy paint man who is an expert … More Handy-Dandy paint man!

The little things

They say good things come when you least expect it. Today, we came prepared, ready, and excited to finish up roofing and exterior siding. We were truly only a few pieces away from finishing the exterior. However, we came across a little hiccup as we were setting up the air compressor. We turned it on … More The little things