Meet the Neighbors

On Tuesday night, the tiny office stood center-stage during the semesterly SXSM (South by South Milledge) UGArden festival. The event gave students and community members a chance to peer into the house and see its progress. For future festivals, the tiny house will also play a helpful role in the events with its kitchen and bathroom!

Friday Workday

Yesterday was an extra tiny house work session and provided time to keep adding interior paneling to the office. We worked in teams to find pieces of wood, to cut them on the miter saw and to stack and install them inside. The piece of wood in the photo is a snapshot of our counting … More Friday Workday

Doors to Seal the Deal

During our make-up building day on Friday, we got to see just how far the house had come in a few weeks. For me, the two new doors (one on the end and one on the side), truly made our tiny office feel real. Having the space fully enclosed inside makes it feel like a building! … More Doors to Seal the Deal

Ramping Up Construction

Last week during our class time, we tried our hands at designing a tiny house by laying out all the interior elements. This week, we put those drawings to the test by taping out our floor plans. While the tightness of the space didn’t come as too much of a surprise, it was a great … More Ramping Up Construction

Raise the Roof!

On Monday, while two of us finished putting plywood up around the outside of the tiny house, the rest of our team was all hands on deck to start installing the roof. By the end of the class period, we went from an open-air building to what definitely resembles a room. For now, we were … More Raise the Roof!