Extra Building Project

A classmate and myself took advantage of some of the scrap wood that was left over to build a personal project. We are in charge of the tailgates for football games for our department, so we decided to build cornhole boards. We used the building techniques learned in class to make our set. George also … More Extra Building Project

Guest Speaker

On Monday we were visited by a guest speaker. Tim Davidson from the Creative Animal Foundation came to class to tell us about his current program. He along with his partner, Stephanie Arne, are traveling around the country in a tiny house to promote sustainable living. Tim also checked out our tiny house and interviewed … More Guest Speaker

Building Raised Beds

While the rain came down on Monday we spent our time building raised beds. These beds will be used for people in wheelchairs to plant in. Most of the frames were already build, so we spent our time putting wood glue on the frame to ensure stability, and then finish drilling in boards. By the … More Building Raised Beds

Problems with warped wood

While working we have had some issues with warped wood. Because most our boards are stored outside, some boards have experienced warping that have caused them to bend. This serves as an issue because bent boards can be a liability to the structure of the house and can throw off the plans for the house.

Measuring and Cutting

On Monday Rance and I were in charge of measuring and cutting the 2×4’s for the house. George would call out lengths to us, we would make a mark with the amount on the 2×4, and then cut the length with a circular saw. Some of the pieces needed to be angled, so we would … More Measuring and Cutting

Beams for the roof

On Monday we started to put beams on the house for the roof. George made cuts on the beams in the angle of the roof so the beams would rest correctly on the sides. Once cut we climbed the ladders to position it, which was no easy task. The beams weigh nearly 70 pounds, and … More Beams for the roof