That’s a Wrap!

After a long semester of hard work, we come to the bittersweet end. This class has been a huge learning experience for everyone involved, and allowed us all to form relationships with new people. Although the house is not completely done, it will be finished over the next coming weeks by some of the students … More That’s a Wrap!

Doors, doors, doors…

In terms of final touches on the home, the doors were a big step. First, we installed a sliding door for access to the restroom and shower. Next, although the IKEA cabinets had been mounted on the wall, they did not have their doors installed yet. The cabinet doors were very easy to install with … More Doors, doors, doors…

A Look Inside!

As our semester comes to a close, we finally installed the first cabinets! The cabinets were ordered from IKEA, and assembled during class. After drilling a long metal runner to the inside wall, the cabinets were extremely easy to hook on. The house is finally coming together!

Exterior Progress

As of this week, we are almost completely done with the exterior of the home. On Tuesday, we completed the staining of the wood siding, corner trim, and fascia boards (we only used 3 gallons of stain from the Woodscapes line of Sherwin Williams). The last steps to complete the exterior of the tiny house … More Exterior Progress

Plenty of Pine Paneling

This week, we received the interior paneling. We went with a pine wood, in order to give the home a natural and homey look. The installation of this tongue-and-groove paneling has gone smoothly so far, as we completed about one-third of it in just a few hours!

The Dawgs Put on the Roof!

After nailing down the plywood boards to the rafters, and laying down a moisture-repelling film, the last step was the shingles. This week, we successfully lined up and nailed down all the remaining shingles, which just happen to be UGA themed!