Tiny House Town

Tiny House Town (http://www.tinyhousetown.net/) is a blog that I recently stumbled upon. The creator, Jen, has been posting for two years with her focus being on tiny house living. She is personally drawn to their social, economical, and environmental benefits. I enjoyed reading through her blog as it contained ample examples of tiny houses (and … More Tiny House Town

Check Out the Inside!

`The first few were a little difficult to put in, and I may or may not have hammered a finger during the process… BUT once we got into our rhythm, the bathroom wall siding started going up quite easily. It was fun to watch as we added each uniquely patterned piece and see how they … More Check Out the Inside!

A Good Read

When recently visiting a friend I saw this book sitting on her coffee table, and I of course had to read it. This book provides profiles of several tiny house owners. In this section you will find a picture of each home, its floor plan, list of utilities. In addition, the author briefly discusses sourcing … More A Good Read