A Semester In Review

The tiny house is making great progress and in just a couple of weeks, we will wrap up the end of this amazing semester. When I found out that I got into FHCE 4900, I was super excited to have the chance to learn what went into building a tiny house. Little did I realize how … More A Semester In Review

And We Have Floors!

Yesterday afternoon, Berkley, Emily, Thomas, and I started on laying flooring. We are using a prefinished wood flooring with tongue and groove fittings. For this task, we used a nail gun specifically for flooring. Instead of pulling a trigger, we had to hit a button on the front of the nail gun with a mallet. We alternated … More And We Have Floors!

Working Towards Lighting

On Tuesday, Thomas and I had the opportunity to help the electrician with the wiring for the interior of our tiny house. Pretty soon we will have lights, a ceiling fan, and electrical outlets! Tuesday was the first time that I had any experience with electrical wiring. We stapled the insulated wires to the studs and then ran … More Working Towards Lighting

Up to Greater Heights

Do you like heights? I don’t! When I learned that we would be putting plywood over the rafter of our growing tiny house, my first thought was, ‘I hope I don’t have to get on the roof’. After setting up the air compressor, nail gun, and stretching out extension cords, everyone gathered around to hear … More Up to Greater Heights

Green vs. Sustainable Building: What’s the Difference?

Working within our tiny house team, communication is key. In order for us to more effectively communicate,  Dr. Skobba has been engaging us in discussions about concepts such as green building and sustainability. The terms ‘green building’ and ‘sustainable building’ get used together so often that the specific meanings can get confused. Knowing the basics of each of these concepts helps to clarify … More Green vs. Sustainable Building: What’s the Difference?

Choices, Choices

Tuesday, we looked at the plans and sketches for our future tiny house. We discussed how the interior will be laid out and took a vote for whether we wanted a rustic or classic looking exterior. By majority vote, the rustic exterior won. The stove range had arrived earlier this week, so after carefully unloading it, we checked for shipping … More Choices, Choices