Tiny Disaster

Last week we were required to write a paper about tiny homes and a problem that they faced. I wrote about how, for a person in my current situation, a tiny home may not be the best investment at the current time. Although they are really cool, and hopefully I will have my own one … More Tiny Disaster

The Smelly Reality

When most people talk about tiny homes, one of the first things that is brought up is whether or not to use a composting toilet. Although it is gross to talk about, it is a very important thing to think about when building a tiny home. There are many pros and cons to both the composting toilet … More The Smelly Reality

Crunch Time

After a little over 3 months worth of work, we are starting the last push to get everything done. Mid way through the build we seemed to be ahead of schedule but it seems we’ve fallen a little behind schedule due to the siding and how long it took to put that up. The floors … More Crunch Time

Shipping Containers

While tiny houses are the ‘in’ thing right now, I believe shipping container homes are going to be big in the next few years. There are tons of benefits to building a home out of an old shipping container. These containers can easily be built off site and brought on site and assembled like a … More Shipping Containers

Broken Air Compressor

Last Tuesday was a rough day for our group. Right when we got to class, the interior paneling was delivered so we were all pretty excited to start finishing the inside. After about 15 minutes of everyone working to get everything set up, we realized the compressor wasn’t building up air pressure. Once we took the … More Broken Air Compressor

A Solid Foundation

Every house, big or small needs a solid foundation to ensure durability and a long life. This is a picture from the beginning of the build after screwing down the plywood subfloor to the metal frame of the trailer. Before any of that took place, we first had to level the trailer using standard jacks to … More A Solid Foundation