Luxury Tiny Houses

While I was researching tiny houses, I began to wonder if anyone created luxury tiny houses. I can across a company called Tiny Heirloom. They are a family business that creates custom tiny houses- beginning at $89K. (almost four times our tiny house budget!) I kind of feel like this defeats the purpose of a … More Luxury Tiny Houses

Flooring Completed!

On Tuesday we officially completed the flooring. We only had a little bit of the bathroom left to do so I helped Dan finish it by cutting the boards for him. The completed product looked great!


This week Jonathan, Dan, and I continued working on the floor. We got about two thirds of the way done, so there is still a little bit of work left to be done! I thought doing the flooring was a lot of fun. I like being able to pick which length of flooring should be … More Flooring

Slow and Steady

Building a tiny house takes patience. I feel like we have been working on the exterior siding for many weeks now. We have successfully completed three sides but we still have a little less than half of the siding to complete on the last side. I can only imagine how long it would take to … More Slow and Steady

Interior Paneling

The wood for the interior panels is here! We unloaded it on Tuesday and we will hopefully be able to start installing it once we complete the exterior siding. The wood is white pine and it is tongue and groove installation.

More Siding

On Tuesday Burke, Tori, and I continued working on placing siding to the left of the front door on the tiny house. We spent the day cutting siding from smaller scrap pieces of wood so that we could minimize the amount of siding waste. We also spent time¬†making sure that our section of siding to … More More Siding