Look at that Shine!

I know, I know….the picture doesn’t do it justice. But believe it or not, the walls received a nice coating of lacquer on Sunday! In order to keep our nice wood paneling clean for the future ahead, some parts of the walls were slightly sanded from imperfections and then coated with the clear treatment. This … More Look at that Shine!

So Close, yet Inches Away

Yesterday, there was a huge amount of determination spreading through the group. It seems we are so close to finishing the house (after, it looks pretty livable!) but there are many important details left to complete. One of the major projects left is finishing the flooring. After hours of work and striving to make odd … More So Close, yet Inches Away

Floored with Laughter

Yes, it is true…. we had a blast putting down flooring today! For many of us, this was another first as far as construction skills go. We laid down finished wood panels, worked as a team to cut all the different pieces, and fit them together to create the beautiful flooring we have in progress. … More Floored with Laughter

Knowing all the Angles

With 5 ladders and an afternoon of work, the entire ceiling became paneled last week. Installing it was so much fun! We were close to finishing when we realized we did not cut a hole for one of the can lights….but the result was not too much of a setback. Finishing off the ceiling at … More Knowing all the Angles

From the Floor Up

It’s happening! Now that we’ve covered the basics, the construction has begun! Plywood has been laid and bolted into our foundation. We now have an excellent platform to build upon. Before we know it, using drills and levels will become second nature!