ikea madness

the first sunday of thanksgiving break, dr. skobba, her husband & son, and berle came in to work on the tiny house and try to make some more progress before having the week off for break. chloe and i came in to help out….i’ll take any excuse to come work on the tiny house! dr. … More ikea madness

tiny house time lapse

i stumbled across this really cool time lapse video of a tiny house being built. while it is much more elaborate than ours, the processes are all the same and its cool to watch it go up right before your eyes! it makes me wish we had a time lapse of our little house! enjoy! … More tiny house time lapse

Construction Masters

We had an action-packed workday yesterday adding the side walls to our trailer! Who would’ve thought that in three short hours we would all be pros at using the nail gun?!? While it was scary at first, we all got in a rhythm of framing and nailing together the walls, drilling holes for the trailer … More Construction Masters