Measure twice, then measure again

Today we built a frame to hold the paneling that’s going to go underneath the sink. It was a little tricky because the foam and pipes kept throwing off our measurements, but we got it done! Also, we used the last 2×4 today. The tiny house is approaching completion!  

Flashback Friday

Here’s a flashback to a Wednesday in March when we were putting up some blocking in the walls, to attach the siding to. It was the first time I’d ever used (or even seen) a chalk line. We managed to get a lot done despite the freezing wind! Hard to believe this was a month … More Flashback Friday

Wrapping up and filling in

This week we wrapped the tiny house in a waterproofing membrane. The membrane goes between the framing and the siding, and is meant to keep water/rain from getting into the house and causing damage. We also installed the windows and doors. Everyone was busy, whether they were unrolling/cutting the membrane, holding it in place for attachment, … More Wrapping up and filling in

Lots of Ladders

Work on framing the roof continues! We measured, measured again, placed the beams, adjusted them every so slightly, and used the nail gun to fix them in place. Since we needed two people, that meant two ladders, with an extra one for good measure. Navigating the ladders and everyone working was good agility training.

Fixing my Toenails

I learned a new meaning of “toenails” this week: long nails you shoot into the base of support beams. The idea is to get it diagonally through the vertical beam and into the horizontal beam below it. Generally you put two on one side and one on the other. It’s safe to say the tiny house … More Fixing my Toenails

Q: How many students does it take to build IKEA cabinets?

A: Three. We worked together to put the main cabinet structure together. There was much reading of diagrams, turning around of boards, screwing and unscrewing of screws, snapping together of sections, and hammering of tiny nails. After a steep learning curve we completed the main cabinet frame and placed in the tiny house from last semester, … More Q: How many students does it take to build IKEA cabinets?