What a great space we have been able to use for this course. Ugarden is such a great place doing many great things other than the tiny homes class! I wish everyone could see and taste the work that students are doing out here!

Final Roofing touches

Here is a photo of Cat and George putting final touches on the roof. They are lining the edge between the roof and the walls to act in place of a gutter system. This is one of the last steps until the final completion of the home!

Inside sneak peek!

Here’s a quick look of the interior of the house while standing in the bathroom! Plus a quick hello from Emma and Chloe!

Coming along

┬áThe more and more our class works on the house, the more and more excited and invested everyone seems to get. As we’ve been seeing the progress of the house advancing from the ground up (literally), we have all found this new sense of pride and accomplishment. This project has taught us all so many … More Coming along

Laying the floors

It seems like just the other day we were starting the construction of house and now we are already starting to lay the flooring. The process is not super difficult but quite particular. After a seemingly slow start, we got the hang of it and we made a good bit of progress! Here is Emily … More Laying the floors