Roof up, Blue up.

On Monday our team put up the roof, and it is very blue. I love the color, and I think it looks very well with the barn style. Red would have probably gone a little better with our school colors, but I am a fan of the blue.

Bathroom Walls Up

The other half of the group worked on the interior walls of the bathroom. The room is turning out to be the prettiest feature of the house. I’m in love with the look of the wood!

Rained Out

Yesterday we were supposed to continue working on the Tiny House, but the severe weather conditions caused class to be cancelled. The Wednesday group did a good job wrapping the house and putting in the exterior windows and doors. Hopefully we will make up this lost time on Wednesday!

How Far We’ve Come

We started this project back in January, and look how far we’ve come in only a few months. We recently started on the roof and built a makeshift ramp for easy access to the house. These pictures show our progress.