To all UGA students

I highly recommend taking this class, whether you want to learn to build or just want class credit, this class is great! It teaches you practical life skills that you will might need in the future, like how to use power tools. It is creative and hands-on learning, and what could be better than taking … More To all UGA students

Finishing up

Spring semester is almost over, but that won’t put a stop to tiny house construction. In the beginning of the spring, our class helped add the finishing touches to fall semester’s house. With summer coming up, It’s looking like we got most of the work done

Hickory Tree

A large hickory tree fell last year at the UGarden. It was on the property for decades and has seen the UGarden grow and expand.  Now we are using wood from the tree as flooring and it will be a permanent fixture on the property.

Becoming a Handyman

As an unskilled craftsman, I was slightly nervous to hear on the first day of class that we would be using commercial grade tools to build this house. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I was forced to quickly adapt and learn how to use some of the most dangerous yet effective tools … More Becoming a Handyman


The interior walls, among other components of the house, are made of wood. As part of our goal for the house, we re-purposed fallen lumber from one of the trees in the UGArden. Also, the red panels on the exterior are re-purposed from an old barn.

Foam Factory

Soon, as we finish up installing the walls, we will no longer be able to see all this foam. So, before it goes I would like to take a minute to point out part of its significance. This insulates the house, which saves the inhabitant money, but also makes the house more energy efficient.

Meet the Neighbors

On Tuesday night, the tiny office stood center-stage during the semesterly SXSM (South by South Milledge) UGArden festival. The event gave students and community members a chance to peer into the house and see its progress. For future festivals, the tiny house will also play a helpful role in the events with its kitchen and bathroom!

Bathroom Walls Up

The other half of the group worked on the interior walls of the bathroom. The room is turning out to be the prettiest feature of the house. I’m in love with the look of the wood!