Why “Tiny” Gets You Psyched!

I recently read a Live Science article by Cari Nierenberg titled “Living Small: The Psychology of Tiny Houses” (linked below). In it the Cari describes some of the psychological aspects associated with the tiny house lifestyle. She states that the appeal of tiny houses to younger generations comes from their ability to meet the needs of both ownership and mobility with less financial burden. Attraction to this movement also comes from the urge to make a positive contribution environmentally. In addition, Cari explains that this highly customizable lifestyle satisfies a needs of uniqueness and control of people’s housing situation. Lastly, see dicusses how things like color and space can have a major effect one a person’s mood, especially in a smaller space. Overall, I thought this article gave an interesting overview on the effects of tiny house living has on the mind!

Check it out: http://www.livescience.com/52031-tiny-houses-psychology.html