Tiny House Town

Tiny House Town (http://www.tinyhousetown.net/) is a blog that I recently stumbled upon. The creator, Jen, has been posting for two years with her focus being on tiny house17818436_1737489593208284_7588339946465787904_a living. She is personally drawn to their social, economical, and environmental benefits. I enjoyed reading through her blog as it contained ample examples of tiny houses (and house under 500 sq. ft.). It also lists many helpful resources including links to: buying/selling sites, other blogs, events, free building plans, workshops, and even tiny house hotels. For those local readers “Mustard Seed Tiny Homes” was one builder you can find in Atlanta. On her site Jen also provides links to her other social media accounts. I recommend taking the time to check them out!

PS: Jen also welcomes those that own a tiny home to join in on sharing by emailing her at tinyhousetown@gmail.com