Georgia’s Capital facing tough regulation

After spending some time talking about the tiny house movement with my parents, my dad grew a high interest for the topic and recently sent me an article highlighting the problems that tiny house goers are facing in our own city of Atlanta. As expected, the highly populated city has zoning regulations put into place that severely limit the capability of constructing a tiny home. The cities population has shown a great interest in the tiny house movement though, which has drawn a few metro Atlanta cities to adopt ordinances in favor of tiny home production. The major problem that the city of Atlanta itself is facing, however, is that its large size translates into a slow moving governing body which puts a long timetable on the passing of any zoning or building code regulation. Tiny housing could be a future reality for the city of Atlanta, but it would appear that any of those in favor of the movement may just be put on hold for a while. Below is the link to the article.