Tiny Plans

Checkout our blueprint of the tiny house.  ADA bathroom, kitchen, office, and deck!  

Nail Gun Champs

If you would have asked me six weeks ago if I ever thought I’d be a pro at using a nail gun, I would have told you to keep dreaming. But after a day of cutting plywood to fit the frame and nailing panels up, I can confidently say that I am on my way … More Nail Gun Champs

Q: How many students does it take to build IKEA cabinets?

A: Three. We worked together to put the main cabinet structure together. There was much reading of diagrams, turning around of boards, screwing and unscrewing of screws, snapping together of sections, and hammering of tiny nails. After a steep learning curve we completed the main cabinet frame and placed in the tiny house from last semester, … More Q: How many students does it take to build IKEA cabinets?

Beams for the roof

On Monday we started to put beams on the house for the roof. George made cuts on the beams in the angle of the roof so the beams would rest correctly on the sides. Once cut we climbed the ladders to position it, which was no easy task. The beams weigh nearly 70 pounds, and … More Beams for the roof

Productive Mondays

So much was happening at the tiny house build site today! The most complex task? Building Ikea cabinets. Who knew something with directions could be so complicated? Luckily, I was part of the group building a bed frame, and no contact with the dreaded Ikea cabinets was necessary. To build the bed frame, we cut … More Productive Mondays

Even Tinier Bird Houses

Who would have thought they’d let a bunch of college students, all with varying degrees of construction skills, build a tiny house? The answer: no one. At least, not before getting comfortable with a few tools. Before we could get to work on the house, we got to work on something a little smaller. The mission? Learn basic … More Even Tinier Bird Houses

Financing a Tiny House

Our UGA tiny house is unique in many ways, one unique aspect easily overlooked is our financing.  We are fortunate this semester to be supported by retired UGA professor, Dr. Peter Hartel.  What about the average Joe looking to purchase a tiny house?  Going to a bank for a home mortgage would be a good start.  However, … More Financing a Tiny House